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Why Request a Professional Patent Search or Classification Services?

• Patent searching is a nuanced process requiring knowledge of subject matter specific techniques to be most effective

• Even small changes in grammar can alter what an Examiner is required to find for a rejection

• Expert knowledge in claim analysis is vital in returning informed search results which will prevent unnecessary rejections

• Any new invention information added to a disclosure after filing will not inherit the priority date of the original disclosure. A professional patent search allows you to refine your disclosure to address the closest prior art before your original submission

• The patent process is expensive to begin with, having incrementing expenses of appeals and litigation resulting from failing to find and account for relevant references is an avoidable issue

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Any new inventive subject matter added after your original filing does not inherit your original priority date, making a comprehensive search prior to filing vital.

Why should you choose us?

Serco IP provides subject matter expertise from over a decade of serving the USPTO as well as a unique, adaptive search approach. At Serco IP, we are committed to high quality service, data security and putting our customers first. We provide the customized personal attention of a boutique search provider with the subject matter coverage and cost advantage of a large search firm.

At Serco IP, we are committed to high quality service, data security and putting our customer first.


Our team has unmatched levels of patent classification experience across all technology areas based on a decade of supporting the USPTO.

Serco IP’s patent search team covers the entire domain of technology. In any given art, each member of our team has analyzed thousands, of relevant patent applications related to that field of invention — providing insightful prior art search and patent classification analyses that are unmatched by any firm in our field.

Serco IP’s Unique Approach

Serco’s unique search process helps our customers create higher quality patents by informing them of the closest prior art references to their invention. The goal of creating higher quality patents is to allow for a more efficient prosecution. The benefits for our customers include lower prosecution fees, higher patent grant rates and more favorable PTAB outcomes.

  • Serco IP tailors a search approach unique to each case using our proprietary search algorithms.  Our focus is on finding not only U.S. patent documents, but also foreign prior art references and non-patent literature provided to our customers in a detailed report.
  • Our searching is based on a precise classification picture of your patent application which allows us to uncover technical documents without relying strictly on widely varying terminology.  Find out more about why classification is important to you, your client and the USPTO.
  • Serco’s search methodology provides solutions to issues prevalent in the commercial searching industry. Read more about the Serco IP difference.

What do we offer?

Our services include
Patent Prosecution Search
Classification Pre-Filing Analysis
Patent Litigation Search
Customized CPC training
  • “Serco is my go-to firm for patent searching. The team at Serco is top notch, and their search results are on time, on budget and thorough.” Patricia Rogowski – Rogowski Law
  • “The Serco Search team was very responsive to my clients needs. The service they provide is thorough and highly effective” Gil Perlberg - Perlberg Consulting
  • “Serco’s provided training on the classification process was very helpful and impactful” Matthew Potter - Proactive Patents
  • “Serco’s timely and through analysis provided valuable information to drafting and filing my clients PCT application” Jared Olsen - Park Avenue Finance
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