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Serco IP Services offers a new paradigm in patent search to support both legal practitioners and corporate clients. Our search service is a powerful tool to test the strength of intellectual property in litigation and increase efficiency in the prosecution of new patents. You will be armed with a strategic advantage by leveraging our unique expertise in patent classification systems.

Our Solution

Having supported the USPTO for over a decade, Serco brings a unique level of expertise in patent classification that leads to a robust discovery process for IP practitioners and corporate clients.

Our patent search service provides the strategic framework for a more efficient and successful approach to patent litigation involving validity or invalidity investigations as well as to prosecution support for new inventions.

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Patent search grounded in accurate classification

Domain Expertise

Our team has unmatched levels of patent classification experience across all technology areas based on a decade of supporting the USPTO.

Serco’s patent search team covers all the major domains of patents. In any given art, a member of our team has analyzed hundreds, if not thousands, of relevant patent applications related to that field of invention — providing a depth of knowledge of prior art and classification that is unmatched by any firm in our field.

The Serco IP Difference

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Our search team is comprised of patent classification experts

  • Since 2006, our team has classified over 4 million patents documents covering all subject matters
  • Our expert searchers have each classified thousands of patent documents specific to their art and received extensive training on classification systems, including:
    • Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC)
    • US Patent Classification (USPC)
    • International Patent Classification (IPC)
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Our proprietary technology enables better search results

  • Our proprietary search algorithms were formulated by patent experts and are exclusive to Serco
  • We continuously upgrade our software with the most up-to-date classification criteria and business rules
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Your information is safe

  • Our patent search team is based in the United States, and we store our customers' data only in the United States
  • Our systems meet the strict security standards of our customers
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