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Serco’s search service leverages our unique expertise in patent classification to provide a strategic advantage in securing valuable IP. We enable our customers to make more efficient decisions across multiple stages of the patent prosecution lifecycle such as screening for patentability, freedom to operate, and application drafting.

A traditional Patentability Search or Patent Novelty Search can provide a useful start to determine if an invention meets the requirements of being novel and non-obvious. But many inventions may fail to secure their claims due to inadequate drafting or improper routing. IP owners and attorneys require a more robust level of analysis in order to successfully prosecute a patent application.

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Streamline the patent prosecution process to minimize roadblocks

Our process will enable you to:

  • More accurately define the inventive elements and identify potential prior art to support patent application drafting
  • Pursue further search strategies using concepts mapped to specific USPC, CPC, and IPC fields
  • Speed up prosecution of the patent by describing factors that impact routing to the most appropriate Group Art Unit to assess patentability
  • Streamline the patent prosecution process to minimize roadblocks
  • Make more accurate assessments of the novelty and commercial value of an invention to better allocate scarce development resources and legal expense
To find the needle, first make sure you are searching in the right haystack.

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